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    Rolling, kicking, making bigger snow balls and launching perfectly to success. Fighting and kick off arena! Be the last survivor! Massive multiplayer animals fighting arena! The game-play is simple and easy to use. The game is viral and can\u0027t stop at all. Fight with the biggest snowball to other mini animals.Mini cute animal push the ball rolled bigger and beat the other animal away! How to play:swipe to the direction you want to move, and lift your finger to shoot the snow ball. slide the screen in the forward direction, release your fingers and hit the snowball Enter a massive multiplayer snowball fight! Be careful that others roll the ball and hit you. Take time to hold out a big white ball, or throw out a pile of small balls quickly;Do it all over again It all depends on your tactics skills. Make a snow ball bigger and bump it to opponents to flick them off the play field. Do it even faster, higher, stronger by kick off the other animals. Download now and start play!

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    雪地大作战是不需要网的游戏,雪地里滚雪球,打雪仗,单机也能玩。 玩家扮演各种动物园里出走的小动物,需要游走各种营地冰面滚雪球,憋大招 打雪仗,需要注意操作和走位,获得最终胜利 是苟且骚走位还是一击必中把对手打飞 1:小动物吃掉对手来增大你的雪球来提升你的攻击力, 2:你滚动的球越大你就能够击退比你球小的动物,并且能够击退的更远, 3:消灭一名玩家你的小动物角色都会拥有一定的体型增长,当你的小动物增长到一定时即可无需雪球也可以将你的对手推出场外

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